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Getting married on Valentine's Day? You must be a true romantic. Have your Valentine's Day Wedding this February to reflect all the romance of your love.  Tell the  story with all Valentine's day special details. As your Atlanta Wedding Officiant, even if you're not getting married on Valentine's Day, any wedding or ceremony in February can be consider the Valentines month incorporating some of these touches for a truly inspiring day.

Attire: On Valentine's Day, an old-fashioned look is always romantic. You'll want to wear a classic style dress and tuxedo. You can look to as if u step from the past.

Watch old movies for inspiration.  Another option is to go for a white dress with red accents. Wear red roses in your hair and him in his tuxedo. Wrap a vibrant red shawl around your arms, and carry an overflowing bouquet of more red roses. Have your bridesmaids wear the same dress in varying shades of pink and red, and have groomsmen wear red ties with different red and pink boutonnières. Valentines is a special to make bind your love with a ceremony that will delight all families and friends.

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