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Email Psychic Readings
Mystic Luna’s psychic email readings are convenient, insightful, heartfelt, and in-depth. Mystic Luna is a vast repository of information, her psychic readings are not just empowering and metaphysical; She will guide you onto the right spiritual path, lighting the way to take you to your future esoteric conscious existence. Congratulations for having the courage to open your heart, life, and spirit, and get ready to align yourself with the Divine and Universal. Mystic Luna’s Spiritual Consultation comes from 100% Pure Light consciousness only. The Spirituality she will give you what you need to know for your highest greater good and the highest greater good of all. So relax, let go, and let God be your guide. It’s easy, empowering, and fun.
Email Readings are insightful and with depths if you happened to live out of state or your out of the country and would like to connect with Mystic Luna. It is also a great value and perfect for the multi tasker and people on the go.
Email Readings are answered within 2-3 bus days or a lot sooner.
Two options to choose from with advance payment thru Pay Pal

Specific Question $25.00
Ask a specific question about your issue for a straightforward and to the point answer. Whatever the issue: relationships, business affairs, or career goals, you will receive a clear and concise answer. This reading is better for people requiring a specific or short response to a particular question. It can be as simple and straightforward as a yes or no answer, if that is what you are seeking.
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Comprehensive Reading $65.00
This reading is more appropriate for people with more complex or multiple issues surrounding a specific matter that requires a more comprehensive response. You may ask any question on any issue. Lifetime purpose and destiny questions are appropriate for the comprehensive psychic e-mail reading.
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* One additional email for clarification is allowed w/o added cost *
* Email readings have to be paid in advance *