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By Phone

Mystic Luna’s Phone Psychic Readings

Mystic Luna’s phone psychic reading is a great value!  Most clients tell us they received more than they expected with their phone consultations in the way of accuracy, depth, and content.  Ask specific questions or request a general reading – the focus is up to you.  Mystic Luna will make time just for you, to meditate, consult, tune in and focus and the heart of your needs.  Mystic Luna’s readings are confidential, personal, straight forward, and never judgmental.  Payments in advanced are required for a phone consultation and for your convenience you can do a secure and confidential payment with Pay Pal.

  • ½ Hour Reading  -  $  35.00   (Specific, focus, or follow/up)
  • 1  Hour Reading  -  $  65.00   (In depth and more thorough)
  • 1  Specific Issue -  $   20.00   (Max 15 min.)
  • $  1.00 Per Minute   (If time exceeds)

Booking a Phone Reading

Phone Readings begin on time and Mystic Luna is not liable for last minute cancellations.  Reverend Luna understands that things can come up, so one reschedule can be permitted with at least 48 hours advance notice.  After full payment has been processed, you will be contacted to make the appointment for your Psychic Phone Reading.  On the day of your appointment try to have your mind clear, be focused, have your questions prepared if possible.  If you can, sit somewhere where is quiet and you will not be interrupted.  You may also want to have a note pad handy to take notes.  Light a white candle if you so desire and if you have little incense to consecrate and clear the space that is great also. Once you are ready and we begin the Psychic Phone Reading then just relax, let go, let God’s Light & Spirit take control.  It’s that easy. You will not be disappointed!