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Psychic Readings

Confidential Psychic Readings


Confidential Psychic Readings

Mystic Luna’s physic readings are insightful, heartfelt, and in-depth. In my readings, I use a combination of divination tools ( tarot cards, angel cards, runes, palmistry, dowsing, etc.) I will let you know at the time of the reading. It is helpful to provide an object or photograph of the person or issue you are inquiring about.


Are you contemplating a change in your relationships or career? Are you wondering whether you should stay or should you go? How do you get rid of a bad situation or what are the consequences if you don’t? Get the answers today with psychic, intuit, Mystic and Reverend Luna for the heart of the matter and help making sound decisions that will leave you feeling good and empowered.


What to Expect from your Psychic Reading


The work begins with your phone call. At the time of your In- Person Psychic Reading or your Psychic Phone Reading, please be on time and be prepared with your questions. For best results in a psychic reading, is best to go ahead and relax your mind ahead of time, pick a place that is free from from interruptions, and have your heart, and intentions cleared.


It is your responsibility to retain the message of your intuitive reading, so come have something to take notes with and have a bottle of water nearby to help you clear thru your reading. Your personal reading is confidential and you are protected with outmost privacy. Once we begin the psychic reading, it helps to relax, since you are entering a place of love and support with 100% pure light and free from personal judgments.


Mystic Luna’s psychic reading’s goal is to give you the focus, the empowerment, and keys to handle whatever situation you may be facing. I love what I do, and do not have any gimmicks or fake anything. I do not take my gift that God gave me for granted nor will I purposely abuse it. You can trust you are in good hands and that I have your best interest in my heart to help in whatever situation you may be encountering at present moment.


When there are multiple persons in a psychic reading, the energy can cross, so please be mindful that psychic readings are private and should be free from interruptions from outside parties that can influence the reading and interrupt the psychic connection. A prayer or meditation will start the psychic reading and the psychic reading and all spiritual work will always end with a prayer of thanks and gratitude.


Luna’s Psychic Readings are easy to book, informative, empowering, and fun!


*No psychic can be 100% accurate in psychic reading as the future is always changing. Unless your fate is God’s will, you have the power of free will and to change circumstances with the information you receive in your psychic readings. Take Mystic Luna’s Psychic Reading to Empower and Heal yourself.


Opportunities and probabilities that come up in your psychic reading, can be blocked with negative thinking and actions.