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Clearings & Blessings

Clearings and Blessings for Homes and Business

Your Personal Space should be your Sanctuary. Get rid of old stale negative energy and replace it with peaceful, clear, loving, happy energy. Your reward will be a calm, balanced, and peaceful environment for work, play or living. Ever walked into a room after an argument and felt that heavy angry energy was still in the space? Have you ever heard or experience a place where all occupants have experience illness, breakup in relationships, or a downturn on their finances? Just as we, our homes, and offices need exterior cleaning, we need spiritual clearings as well.
Clearing work allows us to release blocked & negative energy in ourselves, our space, and lives. Just as human beings, our homes and offices need exterior and interior cleansing. Spiritual Clearing work allows us to release blocked & negative energy in ourselves, our space, and lives

Home and Office Clearings
The intensity of positive or negative energy varies within each individual occupant and space, past or present. You should feel safe and secure in your space; the place where you can relax and get away from the outside world’s demands and pressures. If you don’t feel an immediate sense of balance when you enter your home, you need to clear and release your home of negative energy. A house that is cleansed of negative energies, is blessed, and opens up to new positive oportunities.

Real Estate Agents & Landlords Clearings
Real Estate Agents and Landlords have found that residential and commercial clearings are great for renewing listings and rentals. If you have had a residential or commercial listing that has lasted longer on the market than most a clearing can definitely help. If you have you received negative feedback about the energy of your listing? Heavy or dense? Is your listing a result from divorce, foreclosure, illness, death, crime? If your listing has gone thru some traumatic incident, it is essential to have a space clearing resident. A home or business clearing and blessing creates an inviting atmosphere for new prospects. A house blessing or office blessing is performed to bring the presence of God’s blessing and protection into a space.

Clearing for Individuals
Radionics-Subtle Energy healing . Balance Chakras . Crystal Healing . Angel Clearing . Dowsing Clearing Checklist . Ceremonial Clearings and Blessings
Removing stagnant, negative energy will bring your space back into balance. The space clearing is a case per case experience. Bring back the positive vibe to your home, office or personal space!
To schedule a Clearing and Blessing contact Reverend Luna (404) 313-6736