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Gay Weddings

In Georgia, Gay Wedding, are not legalized yet.  So if you are planning gay marriage or are planning a commitment ceremony of your own, Reverend Luna has  tips to help your same sex unions go as smoothly as possible. First, get advice for spreading the good news to friends and family. While there is no wrong way to announce your engagement, we recommend telling friends and family who are most supportive of you relationship first. This will help build up the confidence you need to tell the not-so-supportive ones. Next (well, after you throw a fun engagement party!), it is time to start planning a gay wedding. Even if you will not end up with a legal document, your ceremony is a binding ritual that you can make as personal as you want. You will most likely include the traditional aspects of a wedding ceremony — such as the processional, the call to attention, and the recessional — but everything in between is up for personalization. Writing your own vows is one great way to show your commitment to each other. You can adapt wedding vows from traditional or religious vows, from poems or songs, or simply start from scratch. Next is the ring exchange, followed by any readings or joining rituals. Finally, it is time for the pronouncement and the kiss — also known as the moment you have been waiting for! Get more tips and advice for planning your union from our Ultimate Gay Wedding Planner.


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