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Energy Healing & Balance

Chakra Balancing
Chakra is in short term the powerhouse that in generates and stores energy. There is seven chakras each has a specific purpose. They need to flow with positive energy in order to help manifest desires and maintain control in all aspects of life. Chakras are balance achieved through spiritual tools, meditation, and Reiki.
Spiritual Energy Healing
When Healing Energy is channeled from God’s Light, it flows automatically to where it is needed through the guidance of the client’s higher self. Every living thing has Universal Life Force Energy. Energy Healing is similar to a meditative relax state without any effort on your part. When an initial consultation is made with the client, an evaluation is needed in order to check for blockages and other repairs that must be analyzed in order to bring the client back to perfect balance. Thru the guidance of your higher power, Mystic Luna will connect and channel the Healing Energy to your soul, body, or location that needs healing. Your requirement is that you come with an open heart, open mind and open spirit. At the start of any energy healing can begin, Mystic and Psychic Luna will have the client’s Chakras balanced before any healing energy can be channeled in order to insure that the energy will flow smoothly and correctly. Mystic Luna’s psychic preparation and the client’s, is the key to a successful session.
Long Distance Healing
God’s healing energy is sent through intense Prayer Therapy, Radionics, Reiki Energy, or other healing energy methods are connected to the client or the place being worked on. Evaluations and different checks are done prior the treatment to determine what levels and intensity of the healing that will be made.
Healing Energy Session
Set a confirm appointment with Mystic Luna for your Energy Healing session. Once an specific day & time is agreed upon as to when the session will take place. The client has to set aside approximately one hour in a calm & peaceful setting so as to not be distracted by phone calls, conversation, TV’s or the radio. Silence, or Peaceful, soothing music may be used for your session. Being relaxed allows you to recognize the subtle changes that will occur once the session begins.

What to expect
While sitting or reclining in a comfortable position, you allow yourself to breathe deeply. Taking at least three slow, deep breathes – exhaling fully each time, you allow your body to relax and let your mind become at ease. Once the session begins, you may experience one or more of the following: -see colors or see different scenes or visions with your eyes are closed . -you can feel tingling, tickling sensations or experience goose bumps. -fall “asleep and dreamed intensely. -feel or hear a light thumping on your internal organs. -experience an emotional release or a profound peace and calm. After the session, Mystic Luna will encourage you to drink plenty of water to help in clearing and flushing negativity and toxics. You are also encouraged to journal on your experience. Energy Healing is very effective and versatile. It can be used at any time to instantly relieve pain and to trigger the body’s own healing processes into action. Healing energy can be sent to anyone over long distances, even across the globe. Energy healing can be used to heal and harmonize group environments, and can even be sent to heal global issues and our earth itself. Special charged and tailor candles and ceremonial kits can be order for personal healing and help the connection with Energy Healing. For your assistance with personalized psychic healing kits or reiki healing candles, call for your energy healing today!