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Connecting with Spirit Atlanta Psychic

Mystic Luna teaches Psychic Connection and The Call Upon the Spirits:
(You make this call with the request of 100% Pure Light Only)

Clear each direction of the space, North, East, South, and West and ask for 100% Pure Light Only Shields of White and Indigo. Ond once you have entered your sacred circle, close your eyes and call upon God, Jesus, your personal Guide, Masters, Terachers, Ancestors, and and call upon your HIghest Good Spirit Self. Asked for their presence and protection, and communication of the highest Good Good Only. Tell them you need their presence for support and assistance in your life and the Universe. You might call upon God, Jesus, your Highest Angel, Deity, Reiki Masters, Gods/Goddess, Earth Spirits, Angels by name or a particular protection pantheon, such as Hermes, Vishnu, or Gawain for the Gods. Aradia, Athena, or Brigantia (Brighid) for the Goddess.
First call God and your Personal Guide and Highest Good Only. Solicit their assistance at the beginning of the ritual. Your personal guide can assist you to maintain focus and concentration during the ritual as well as, help with your responsabilities and task within the circle. You might call upon them this:

(Say your name and birthdate and request the presence of your guides’ name),
I call upon your guidance and love to assist me during this ceremony of protection.
To help me maintain my focus, energy and alignment for divine purpose and work.
Many traditional witches align their energies with the
personal deity, Earth Spirits, or Spirits at this point as well.
You might call upon them like this:
I believe in the spiritual existence of myself as a
perfect image of (God, Jesus, Goddess, Spirit, Angel,
or Deity’ name).
In this reflection that is my physical embodiment, I align myself and my faith in the supreme guidance of my soul with the ancient powers and wisdom of (Jesus, Metraton, Sophia, Sandalphon, and Seraphin, or Goddess) state the Goddess or deity’ name once more) for the purpose of

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