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About Luna

Reverend Luna Ordained Minister & Spiritual Psychic Advisor

About Mystic Luna Psychic Atlanta

I was born with the gift of spirit communication thru the sensihearing of my heart and a strong connection to Universal Forces. A dramatic near death experience separated my soul from my body. I hover over my lifeless body and a over the accident scene and eventually snap back into my body at the emergency room. God changed my destiny, forced me to embrace the core of who I really am. After getting Tarot Certified, I got a job at the oldest metaphysical bookstore in Atlanta with a strong spiritual community following and I that gave me the key to unlock Universal Mysteries. I learned more about Divination, trained in healing Arts, and learned Feng Shui. I worked with amazing Healers from all over the world and then I became an ordained minister.


Since then I have shared my story and have helped millions, directly and indirectly with 100% Pure light. I have been put in this earth to share my experience and help people with some the most challenging and most amazing days of their live. Mystic Luna was established 1997 and went live online in 2000. The journey to follow this path with gave me the wisdom and power to walk normally and even wear high heels after the doctors said that I would not able to. It was a test of my real human spirit and courage. I moved with faith thru fear and uncertainty and never gave up, even when I wanted to. I did not have all the answers but they came as moved forward every step of the way. I have always had a powerful connection with God and the Universe and now that we are all vulnerable to God’s will but i learned that is never too late to change your life.
There is absolutely nothing we can do if an event or action has been pre written as our fate. The good new is that pretty much everything else can be changed or improved. With our thoughts, actions, and discipline we can make a great difference in what will happen in our future.


I am a genuine gifted spiritual reader and certified teacher that has dedicated her life to helping and empowering individuals, groups, and businesses. As I worked and trained, my gifts have expanded event to this day the more dedication, the more I am blessed with psychic vision and life premonitions that save my life in day to day basis.


I am not afraid to go where other people will not even consider and every I remove another layer towards illumination and my destiny and Spiritual Journey. The more I give to my soul and others, the more I am blessed. This website is also a celebration of my dedication and testimony of my devotion to helping heal the Universe. I hope to assist you in your journey or celebration of life as well.
Thank you for this opportunity,

Reverend Luna